One thought always leads to another too…

Late January of 2010, I was headed to Maryland for a photo shoot for Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I’d be working with my friend Helen Norman in her lovely stone farmhouse. After our 2-day BH&G shoot, Helen (the best friend ever!) agreed to spend a day photographing my totes, aprons and table linens.

So many shots – so little time! But, as the last bit of natural light faded, we had a good batch of images that eventually became RMD’s first online catalog.

On my flight back to Seattle, I began to think about how I could actually manufacture enough totes and linens without completely wearing Nancy out. Sewing wasn’t her only job (and I wasn’t her only client.) She also had a school bus route: 2 shifts a day, 5 days a week whenever school was in session.

However my problem was even more complicated. It wasn’t just the manufacturing – it was the money!  I had a little savings I’d been playing with to design and develop RMD, but it wasn’t much. Most of it went to pay for materials and Nancy’s labor.  In the meantime, the economy was slipping further into it’s now three-year recession. What was I thinking?

I was thinking that if I didn’t do everything I could to make a go of RMD, I’d regret it forever. I was also searching for a way to supplement my income. My styling and interior design business was slowing down as magazine publishers and catalog companies began to close their doors and homeowners held off on projects until the economy turned-around. Also, my daughter was now in her second year of college.



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