Custom manufactured products made to your unique requirements

We work closely with wholesale customers to create and manufacture unique products that meet their specific needs and requirements. Here are some of the services we're pleased to offer:


Most of our products can be imprinted with your logo, branding element or message. Imprinted products offer an effective means to communicate and reinforce your brand identity to your customers and target market. Imprinted products may be worn by your staff as they serve customers. Or they may be offered for sale to customers who will then display your brand every time they wear or use the product.

Imprinting is available through several methods: Rubber Stamp, Silkscreen Printing or Embroidery.

rubber stamp imprinting

Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps are literally hand stamps that have been made from your artwork. Using special waterproof and food-safe stamp pad ink, the stamp applies your image directly to the selected products. Rubber Stamp imprints give your artwork a rustic, faded look. Each imprint is slightly different, giving the product a unique appearance.

Rubber Stamp imprinting is limited to a maximum size of about 4x6 inches. Ink colors are quite limited. We've found from experience that black ink and artwork without fine lines or details yield the best results.


Silkscreen Printing is a method of adhering a photographic 'stencil' of your artwork to a fine-mesh silk screen that's stretched onto a frame. The frame is positioned over the products and a squeegee forces ink through the open parts of the stencil onto the product. The ink is then heat set or cured in an oven, making the final imprint quite durable.

custom silkscreen imprinting

With silkscreen printing, there's no size limit to the artwork that can be imprinted and you can choose from dozens of ink colors. Complex artwork in multiple colors can be imprinted using a separate screen and imprint for each color.

Both Rubber Stamp and Silkscreen Printing have an upfront or 'prep' charge to make the stamp or burn the screen, respectively. Once the stamp or screen have been made, there's a per-each charge to apply the imprint to each product. We'll keep your prepped screen or rubber stamp on hand so if you reorder, all you'll have to pay is the per-each imprinting charge.


Embroidery provides a permanent means of adding your logo or message. It can even be used to personalize products by adding each individual's name to their own apron or other product. Embroidery can be simple or complex, depending on your needs.

We'll be happy to work up a quote for whichever method you prefer. Use the form on our Contact page to tell us more about the project you might have in mind. We can then work together to brainstorm an approach that works best with your needs.

custom fabric and thread colors

Custom Fabrics and Thread

Wholesale customers frequently love our product designs but want them made in a different fabric than the unprocessed cotton we use in our open stock line. We order directly from a number of fabric mills or distributors across the U.S. so we're able to source a wide variety of different fabrics. Organic, dyed solid colors, woven stripes, denim, and other types of fabric are available in a range of weights from light muslin through twill and up to heavy duck.

We're also able to source thread in literally hundreds of different colors. Choosing a complimentary or contrasting fabric and thread color scheme allows you the flexibility to create a custom color combination for your project that ties in with your company's color scheme or branding package.

Fabric costs vary considerably based on weight, availability and type. To get started on a custom fabric order, use our Contact form to let us know what you have in mind. We'll be happy to send electronic fabric and thread color cards for you to review. Once you've chosen a product design and colors for your fabric and thread, we'll order them from the mill or distributor.

private label products

Private Label Products

We're happy to work with you to develop variations on our existing product designs or to create totally new designs that will be marketed under your own private label or brand.

If you've got ideas about products you'd like to market under your name in your brick-and-mortar or virtual store, we'd love to hearfrom you. Use our Contact form to send us a message with your needs and we'll connect to brainstorm a solution.

custom product development custom product development custom product development custom product development custom product development custom product development

Custom Product Design

Some customers seek products that are modifications to one of our existing product designs, such as eliminating or moving a pocket or changing dimensions. Others need products that require us to start with literally a clean sheet of paper and then develop a design from scratch.

If it can be made out of fabric, we can probably make it. We've manufactured custom goods such as bread bags for bakeries, butcher aprons made of waxed cotton with grommets and leather straps, tote bags with a single shoulder strap, or soft bread 'baskets' a restaurant places on every diner's table. Often, such products may be made from custom fabric and thread as well as imprinted.

Developing a full-on custom design takes time. Preliminary sketches are reviewed and refined, working drawings are turned into a pattern and a prototype is made. Sometimes we'll need to make several prototypes incorporating refinements before it's approved and the production run begins.

Given the unique and often complex nature of some of these options, custom orders are subject to a minimum order quantity as well as a deposit to get started. One way or the other, whatever type of customization you need, Raw Materials Design is here to help. The process starts when you visit our Contact page and tell us what you have in mind.

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