Raw Materials Design founder Janna Lufkin grew up among a ranching family in the high desert of southern Idaho. Her cousin George Turner worked cattle on land that had been in their family for well over a century. Now retired, he jokes that for decades his office chair was a saddle!

In her annual holiday letter, George's wife Sheila poignantly describes life in this wide-open land:

I had asked George about his earliest memories of riding. He remembered crossing the Bruneau River in the winter on a horse when he was about five. It was cold and the older materials that winter clothes were made of were not as warm as the new fleeces. George said his hands were freezing in his little brown jersey gloves and wind blew through his coat and Levis. "I just hung on," he said.


Just a stone's throw away, Coon Creek intersects with Squaw Creek. The hills and creek bottoms are laced with an ancient network of trails going north, south, east and west. The north bank slopes up about 30 feet and captures all the sun's warmth in a protected curve of an old river bed. There among the weeds and saplings are the remains of an old Indian camp, with stones and tools lying next to the old trail. Camp sites, Indian and Pioneer, are often found at the confluences of streams. I have often thought those sites are like life: Which way to go? What is the destination? The camp beside the trail is a perfect example. Stop and have a cup of coffee, think a bit, enjoy the beauty around you, sleep on it and then make your decision, or none at all.

– Shelia Dopson Turner, Christmas 2012

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