This multi-purpose workhorse is designed for those who need to protect their clothing yet keep small tools or parts readily at hand. It combines the upper bib from our popular Demi-Chef Apron with the shorter, 16-inch drop and full-width pockets from the practical Utility Apron.

The upper bib protects against spills and spatters while the adjustable neckstrap provides a perfect fit for practically anyone. The short drop below the waistband makes it easy to access the full-width, 7-1/4" deep by 27-1/2" wide fold-up pocket panel. It's divided into thirds with the center divided in half, ideal for keeping smartphone, glasses, scissors, thermometer, pen or pencil handy. Made from 100% cotton Carmel or Loden-colored canvas with durable, double-needle stitching throughout. 27-1/2" high by 27-1/2" wide.

Loden canvas

Carmel canvas


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