Starting with customer feedback, determination and a clean sheet of paper, we set out to design a trio of all-new aprons. The Demi-Chef is a full coverage bib-style apron. The waist-style Bistro Apron is identical, minus the bib and neckstrap. The new Utility Apron is a short, waist-style design. After making, testing and refining dozens of samples, we found there are a lot of things to like about them. Here's our six faves:

The Demi-Chef (top left in Navy canvas), Bistro (middle left in Railroad stripe denim) and Utility (bottom left in Carmel canvas) aprons are available in a variety of 100% cotton natural or dyed canvas, striped denim or ticking stripe fabrics. Most fabrics are prewashed for a softer feel and to minimize shrinkage. Not all aprons are available in all colors.

Sierra Red canvas

Natural canvas

Carmel canvas

Navy canvas

Loden canvas

Graphite canvas

Herringbone stripe

Double stripe

Railroad stripe

Red ticking

Navy ticking


The Demi-Chef apron's cotton webbing neckstrap is quickly and easily adjustable using a plated brass loop and slider buckle.

The Demi-Chef's upper bib better fits women thanks to a wider cut and an upper yoke to help it hold its shape.

Long, 40" waist straps allow most people to wrap them completely around and secure with a bow knot in front.

The generous lap pocket on the Demi-Chef and Bistro aprons measure 20" by 8". A center section holds pen or pencil and a smartphone. The Utility Apron's pocket extends its full width.

The hem for the Demi-Chef and Bistro falls at or just above the kneecap. The Demi-Chef is 33-1/2" high; the Bistro is 21-1/2". The Utility is 14" high. All three are 27-1/2" wide.


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