Each one of our products is manufactured using just a few types of materials. Aprons are made from 100% cotton canvas that’s tough enough for a professional kitchen and generously cut to amply fit and protect both women and men. Our totes are made from industrial-grade 'number duck'. Drink coasters and pot holders are made from leftover fabric scraps, or 'holes'. Napkins and dishtowels are made from 8 oz. brushed twill or 9-1/2 oz. dobby weave that washes to a soft hand and a thirsty finish.

We source our fabric from American mills or distributors. Webbing, metal hardware and trims are all US-made from 100% cotton. Even our RMD labels and care tags are American-made.

Our products are all hand-sewn in the Seattle, Washington area. Workers at our independent manufacturing partners are paid fair, ethical wages that allow them to earn sustainable livelihoods. Working conditions are safe and management is fair and responsive. Finished goods are inspected, ironed, trimmed, folded, stored and packaged in our Seattle-area warehouse before being packed and shipped to customers across the country.

A lifetime of use - Care instructions

Our customers tell us they prefer using products that not only last a lifetime, but actually get better with age. Like cast iron cookware, Raw Materials Design products require a bit of ‘seasoning’ before they perform at their best.

Just like your favorite cast iron frying pan, our products provide a lifetime of use.

The unprocessed cotton fabric in our Original goods is treated with an organic compound called ‘sizing’ to help prevent the fragile threads from breaking under the strain of high-speed mechanical weaving. It's sizing that makes the new fabric feel stiff and rigid.

Repeated laundering will gradually dissolve the sizing, making the piece feel soft and absorbent – just like your favorite pair of jeans. How long will this take? Three or four wash laundry cycles should do the trick. A cup of white wine vinegar in the first wash will help speed things up! Our Organic and Ticking Stripe fabric is prewashed to remove sizing and to minimize shrinkage.

We use each of our products every day in our own home. Prototype aprons, napkins, dishtowels, placemats and coasters are regular targets for spills of marinara sauce, red wine, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. We've learned that even direct hits of tomato sauce or wine can be easily removed by using OxiClean™ detergent or pre-cleaning products. For dried-in or tough stains, use OxiClean Max Force™ spray then let sit overnight before washing. Or make a paste from regular OxiClean powder then apply to the stain and leave overnight before washing.

As with all 100% cotton products, 3%-5% shrinkage is normal for our Original products - much less for our Organic and Ticking Stripe products. Line or air drying will minimize shrinking and wrinkling. Iron or steam if required.

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