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"Raw Materials Design is awesome. Plain and simple. They offer aprons, linens and home a few home good items that are all made extremely well and look beautiful. I happen to love the handmade feel so I can appreciate the design element the stitching brings to the pieces. Because its blue and red, each item carries that Americana feel from the old days. Just enough detail to add style without being over the top.
A company that stands on value, tradition and supporting hardworking men and women, is a company I like to give business to. And the fact that everything is sourced and made in American is a huge bonus.
" The Design Inspirationalist

"I just recieved my order...I have to tell you how much I love it all! What a great product you have made! This line fits perfectly with my new venture called Barn Loft, Industrial Farmhouse Living. The utility of your products combined with the softness of the frayed edges fits Barn Loft to a 'T'." BarnLoft

"I can't thank you enough for the aprons. I have never worn Chef's jackets as I have always thought it was nuts to wear a heavy canvas, long sleeved shirt in a hot kitchen for hours on end. Plus, as a fairly small lady, the sleeves tend to drag on the plates and into pans, not to mention that quite frankly, they are damned unflattering. So, I am ever so pleased to find a professional option that I feel proud and happy to wear. They are beautiful. If you ever make it to Brooklyn, please be sure to look us up, I would love to cook you a thank you something." Liza Queen, Potlikker


"Got the aprons last Friday!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!! The Chef tried the bib one on....and is refusing to take it off. Wow, I hate to sound like a teenager, but Thank you so much for being this incredibly patient with us for such a small order." Katherine Zeppelin, Potlikker

"We are smitten with these lovely linens. From the sturdy quality to the simple, classic, natural style of her kitchen linens and totes, what’s not to love?" Healthy Hip Mama

"There's a small Seattle company doing very cool things with kitchen linens. Raw Materials Designs makes kitchen towels and aprons that are unusal in two ways. One is that everything is made of of plain, heavy-duty, unrefined, undyed cotton. The second is Raw Materials towels and aprons are made in the United States. That is not easy to do in this day and age, but Raw Materials Design has done it. Not only that, every time you buy a Raw Materials Designs product, the company's Ties that Bind program donates a portion of the profits to organizations that help to ensure those who need a meal can have one." Kitchen Kaboodle

"I am absolutely loving the new company, Raw Materials Design! I received the child apron and dinner napkin, I liked them so much...then I washed them and ohhhh my! They are absolutely fabulous, they fray around the edges (they're supposed to) they get softer and wow are [they] built to work! I love the looks of them as well, it is quite hard to buy a child's apron without it being "cutesie" (something my tween is not fond of) and the adult apron is stylish, ready to work with a purely classic look! (I am also not fond of "cutesie"...think "kiss the chef") I am so VERY pleased with these products and become more pleased everytime I use and wash them!" Little Island Studios

"[My RMD] apron feels like a superhero cape. When I put it on, I feel like all things are possible in the kitchen. I can make anything, and solve any food problem. Plus, I look adorable. You don't have to be a serious cook to get one, but you can look like it." Cookin' in Brooklyn

"[I] was instantly impressed by the sturdy quality and simple, classic, natural style of her kitchen linens and totes. The aprons, placemats, dinner napkins, and dishtowels are 100% cotton, with raw edges that fray and get soft with every wash. They also introduced a serged edge, with red or navy stitching. So chic! And practical yet beautiful. I'm in love. Did I mention everything is totally American made? Just a little added bonus for you." Loft and Cottage

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