Demi-Chef bib-style aprons Classic cotton twill dish towel Waxed canvas growler tote

Functional, No-nonsense Designs

Inspired by the rugged American West, you won't find any fancy ruffles or bows on these hard-working goods. Each is designed to perform its intended purpose honestly and without pretense.

Made from 100% Cotton

Soft and gentle to the touch, breathable, absorbent, and environmentally-friendly, all our goods are made from 100% cotton fabric and trims. Even our label is printed on 100% cotton fabric.

Recently mentioned:

What a pleasant surprise to learn that our flagship Classic Chef Apron and Ticking Napkins had been selected to appear in the June/July/August 2015 print edition of in a feature on Made-in-America cooking gear.

We're honored to have been included with such other fine products.

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RMD products have been featured in:

What our customers say:

These are truly the best dishtowels I've ever owned. The first time I used one to dry a dish, the dish was dry with one swipe. What an eye-opener.”

Your customer service is definitely a defining characteristic of your business, which makes you SHINE among others.”

We are smitten with these lovely linens. From the sturdy quality to the simple, classic, natural style of her kitchen linens, what’s not to love?”

I'm spoiled for anything else and am a Raw Materials convert! Can't wait to get my tote bag!”

I am so VERY pleased with these products and become more pleased everytime I use and wash them!”

I love the looks of them as well, it is quite hard to buy a child's apron without it being 'cutesie' (something my tween is not fond of) and the adult apron is stylish, ready to work with a purely classic look!”

My RMD apron feels like a superhero cape. When I put it on, I feel like all things are possible in the kitchen. I can make anything, and solve any food problem. Plus, I look adorable.”

You don't have to be a serious cook to get one, but you can look like it.”

I was instantly impressed by the sturdy quality and simple, classic, natural style. The aprons, placemats, dinner napkins, and dishtowels are 100% cotton, and get softer with every wash.”

So chic! And practical yet beautiful. I'm in love. Did I mention everything is totally American made? Just a little added bonus.”

There's a small Seattle company doing very cool things with kitchen linens. Raw Materials Designs makes kitchen towels and aprons that are made from plain, heavy-duty, unrefined, un-dyed cotton.”

I received the cutest aprons in the mail today! I will be carrying Raw Materials Designs in my shop, I can hardly wait . . . I LOVE them! Thank you Janna!”

There’s nothing more useful than a classic chef’s apron for the holidays—plus, this great utilitarian staple is hand sewn in Seattle and its durable cotton only gets better with age.”

You rock! Keep on using that cotton. I grew up with it in Mississippi. Thank you for bringing it back in style.”

I am loving your aprons. They get softer each time I wash and wear them and I still get as many compliments as ever.”

I really enjoyed working with you on this project. Thanks so much for your help and constant updates.”

When I first opened the box, your packaging reflects your values so well. Once I opened an apron up, I was further wowed. The aprons are spectacular! The craftsmanship is top notch.”

I know you took considerable efforts to make these aprons shine. I sincerely appreciate all that you did to make them so special. I am looking forward to working with you again in the future.”

I’ve never had an apron that feels that like it could withstand real time in the kitchen. Even my husband is now willing to wear an apron, so long as it’s yours.”

I am absolutely loving the new company, Raw Materials Design! I received the child apron and dinner napkin, I liked them so much...then I washed them and ohhhh my!”

You may count me a life long customer, I received your napkins, square place mats and aprons, and I am in LOVE! I can imagine my grand kids wiping their faces with them!”

As someone who cooks every day and trained in restaurant kitchens, you really can never get enough good towels. This one is of the highest quality.”

This is the best kitchen towel ever! I've never had one like this. It’s made of cotton twill and gets softer with each washing. I love the industrial but natural & homey look of this towel.”

My Whup-Ass dishtowels have been laundered several times, and they still look new. Another plus, because I know they'll wear well.”

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